This was the first project I collaborated on with my awesome friend Claire Pedersen. While she was still a designer over at Dropbox, I helped capture some of her in house projects. This delightful shoot showcased an equally awesome gift - DIY gluten free/vegan/microwavable cupcake kit to celebrate new hires. 

Late Autum Cider

Creating these recipes and documenting the process for Bob Cut has been very fitting for the heavy rains the Bay Area has been experiencing. In lieu of stronger seasons, and in this drought no less, the rains have been welcome. So here we have two recipes, a classic apple cider and a fragrant cardamom pear cider because one must take advantage of the Bosc pears this time of year. Stylist and good friend, Danielle Wallis and I had such a great time with this shoot, from sourcing the props, looking like loons at Rainbow Grocery by critically inspecting and picking out each piece of fruit haha, to the day of shooting. These drinks are perfect for a cold rainy afternoon curled up with a book or sharing with friends. Enjoy!  

Light and Shadow

An intimate, detailed view of garments from earlier centuries. Playing with the duality of light and shadow, especially in regard to the sculptural quality that fabrics and the human form take on - creates an ephemeral quality. The constrained color palette highlights the beauty of the model’s natural coloring. This editorial spread layout helps to express how it would feel in printed form. 19th Century consumption chic makeup and styling by Emme Nguyen. Our lovely model is Peggy Duncan from City Model Management here in San Francisco.  

Small Talk

These snapshots document the production of a short film, The Absurdity of Small Talk. Written by Noah Shaw, this poignant story about existence and memory came to life over this last year. This was the first project I’ve worked on as cinematographer, and it was a huge learning experience - and I am really looking forward to doing more video. Besides some behind the scenes shots, there are some glimpses of pre-production, makeup and wardrobe tests, and location scouting throughout Marin, especially around Tomales Bay. The final cut of the film is being finessed, but I can’t wait to share soon!  


With the start of every year, the ubiquitous pressure of resolutions regarding change and habits is heavily felt. This year I want to focus on streamlining the process of exhibition of all of my work, both the everyday snapshots and longterm projects. Over these many years, my wordpress had been a mixture of inspiration and personal work, but now with the many different social media platforms and the creation of my website I have decided it’s time to let go. The overlap of websites and apps along with the decision process of what content to post where became taxing. I’ve decided to archive my wordpress and use this platform as my expanded journal. 

Throughout my life I never regularly kept a diary, but still loved the idea of a journal.  As a visual person I kept notebooks with lists, quotes, tearsheets and the like for organization and creative flow. It’s not because I had a dislike for writing, I never happened to discipline myself on the practice. Now as I am finishing up my undergrad, the writing courses I have taken seem to have left an impression and the flow of writing is present - hopefully not temporarily. 

The Thinking Tank was an outlet for my creative inspiration and will continue doing so on tumblr and pinterest. This journal will be comprised of posts filled with bits and pieces of my life, glimpses of my everyday occurrences along with an in depth view of my creative work process. For the inaugural post, here are a selection of photos documenting the first week of 2016. Fireworks on NYE, a hike on the first day of the year with my good friend Shane, lots of coffee and a visit to a cat cafe! 

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